Progress Isn’t Linear

A lot of times I get frustrated and feel like I am not making progress on my goals, especially when I feel like I am not as far as I was in the past. One thing I constantly have to remind myself is that change isn’t linear. I think a lot of the time I and others just expect progress to stick and when it doesn’t we feel like failures.

Directing change is hard, even when we establish routines or get better at a skill we are going to have some days that are not as good as others. This is okay. Being a person means that you are not going to be perfect. Being better every single day is just not feasible, especially when life gets in the way. The important thing is that the general trends of our lives are positive. We are going to have good and bad days and we are going to have better and worse seasons of life. As long as we keep pushing forward and try to make sure that we are trending towards better things everything is going to work out just fine.

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