What’s Next for The Blog

Thank you to all who have been reading over the past few months. I wanted to provide an update as to the content that will be coming out over the next few weeks!

  1. Interview with Caroline Reese (April 22nd)
    • An interview with Caroline Reese. Caroline is a Princeton-educated singer-songwriter who moved out to Montana to start her own D2C food company.
  2. Opinion Post (April 26th)
    • The next opinion post is all about the ups and downs of progress. Many people think that progress is linear, but it is not. Progress has its ups and downs, just because you lose a step or two does not mean you are not making progress.
  3. Looking Back (TBD)
    • In this post, we are going to look back over the last few months. Expect some follow-up on earlier posts!

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