Change is Interpersonal

Sometimes we are not good at identifying the change that is happening within us. It is in these times that having good friends can be hugely beneficial. In my earlier posts, I talked about how it is important to come to terms with change if you want to let it be a positive thing in your life. But sometimes before coming to terms with change we need a little help even identify that change is happening in our lives. Improvement is typically an incremental act and sometimes it can be easy to be discouraged if you are not able to notice the progress you are making.
Also, change is not always something you can accomplish entirely on your own. A lot of times people who are dieting, for example, utilize people who are close to them in order to help facilitate their change. Admitting you need help can be difficult but it can help facilitate the changes you desire to make.
It is also worth noting that change is not always something that is specific to one person. External changes can affect all of this, the coronavirus pandemic being the premier example. The pandemic was a rare moment when virtually everyone in the world had to deal with a sudden change at the same time. Although some may have felt alone, it was a rare moment when we were all in the same mess together. Many people lost their jobs, had to work remotely, and deal unexpectedly with trying to home-school their children. But also many people found new hobbies, started new businesses, and connected virtually with friends who live far away. Sometimes change sucks and there might not be a way to make it a good thing. But almost always, there is at least some silver lining to be found and sometimes to find it we need to rely on others.

One thought on “Change is Interpersonal”

  1. this is such an important insight! change cannot be accomplished on our own, we have to reach out and help each other to facilitate change. that’s why SCWAM is committed to working with the sbp legacy to end the epidemic facing the kings community 🙂

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